Aged 8+? Love Film? Join the Young Jury at Leeds Young Film Festival!

Enjoy watching films and talking about them? Would you like to see new films for FREE? Join the Young Jury and you get to see new films before anyone else and pick the winning LYFF 2019 films. Being on the Young Jury is fun and absolutely FREE. Join the Leeds Young Film Festival team, get a free VIP pass to the Film Festival, a T-shirt and goodie-bag. We’ll provide training on how to review films so that you feel confident about picking the festival’s winners. All the films in competition will be shown at Hyde Park Picture House between Monday 8th and Friday 12th April. There will be thirteen films in competition (two every day apart from Monday 8th where there's only one) and you must be able to attend at least four of the screenings.

If you are aged 8+ and are interested in taking part please download the consent form below, fill it in, and bring it with you and your jury member on Monday 8 April for the first film "Help I Shrunk My Parents".



To be a part of the Leeds Young Jury 2019, you must email with the following information: 

Subject Line: LYFF2019 Jury

Body Text: Name and Age of each child attending.

Download LYFF2019 Jury Consent Form.pdf Download LYFF2019 Jury Consent Form.docx

 If you have any questions about the process, email Gage at: for further information. 

Leeds Young Film Festival 2019 Jury Films:

Monday 8 April 
Help I Shrunk My Parents (PG) - 17:00

Tuesday 9 April
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (U) - 10:50
Super Furball (PG) - 13:30
The Runaways (12A) - 15:30

Wednesday 10 April
SuperMiss (PG) - 11:45
Captain Morten (PG) - 14:15
Supa Modo (12A) - 16:30

Thursday 11 April
Little Miss Dolittle (PG) - 12:00
Vitello (PG) - 14:30
Wild Witch (12A) - 16:15

Friday 12 April
Zombillenium (PG) - 11:45
Sune vs Sune (PG) - 14:15
Chuskit (PG) - 16:15



Does a parent/guardian have to attend with the consent form on the first screening "How I Shrunk My Parents"?

- Yes, for the first session when you hand in the consent form, we need a parent or guardian until we've received the consent form. 


What time do I need to arrive on Monday 8 April with the Consent Form and my Young Jury Member?

- Please arrive for 16:15, the film begins at 17:00; but we need to sign everyone in and do a short introduction ahead of the very first screening.


What is the upper age limit to join the Young Jury?

- There isn't particularly an upper age limit, but we would suggest no older than 14+ as the films are programmed for younger children. 


Does my Young Jury Member need to bring anything with them to the screenings? 

- No, we supply pens, paper, notebooks and other tools to feel confident about selecting the Winning Film!


Can a parent/guardian stay with the Young Jury through the film?

- Yes, although during discussions and conversations between the films, we do ask that parents/guardians are sat away from the group. Tickets for 1 parent/guardian at the above Young Jury screenings are free, which you can reserve by contacting the Leeds City Council Box Office on: 0113 376 0318, and quoting the password "JUDGE".


Can my Young Jury Member leave after the films on their own?

- No, they will need to be collected by the named person on their Consent Form.


What time do I need to arrive before and after a film to drop-off or pick-up my Young Jury Member?

- Please arrive 15 minutes before the film is advertised to start, and 15 minutes after the film is advertised to end. During these times we'll be introducing the film, debating and discussing the films, and rating the film to add to our Jury Leaderboard!