Although Leeds Young Film Festival 2020 has been postponed, we were still able to run a virtual GIANT JURY over the Easter holiday so that children and young people were able to watch the short films in competition and decide on the winners.

The Golden Wings Young Jury Competition had two programmes - a selection of seven short live action films and nine animated shorts, all selected from hundreds of submissions from around the world. You can read about all the films in competition below.

We had nearly 100 young jurors who took part and want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who watched the films and submitted their opinions.

Live Action Shorts

Luce & Me (Directed by Isabella Salvetti) - WINNER

Luce and Me

A young boy gives a musical performance dressed as a superheroine to a special friend who is in hospital.

Here are some of the things the jury said about the film:

"I found Luce & Me very touching because it was nice that Luce stayed with his friend in whatever the situation."
"I picked this film for number one because the acting was great, the sound was great , it had a great story line and there was a fantastic moral."
"I liked Luce and me because when a little girl told Luce to sing and wear a dress he didn't care what anyone said he just wanted to do the right thing☺️"

Boje (Directed by Andreas Cordes & Robert Köhler) - RUNNER UP

Boje and his father live in a remote cottage by the sea. With no one but each other. A boy longing for answers. A father struggling for words. When suddenly the silence between them is penetrated by the waves of a choppy sea. Answers magically find their way to Boje - as father and son find a way to talk.

The jury said:

"I liked the story because some people are better at expressing their feelings through writing."
"The story was lovely, the boy has lots of deep questions, the dad appears quiet but he responds to the boy in a meaningful yet playful way."

Scout (Directed by Kelvin Murray)

3 young scouts working against the odds to get their activity badges.

Rewind (Directed by Hugo Chetelat)

A young grandson is struggling to communicate with his now unresponsive grandfather, so he decides to listen to the music on his grandads cassette player. In doing so, he is transported into his Grandfather’s mind and memories, and the pair are able to spend just a little bit more time together.

The Little Princess (Directed by Jason Maza)

A man going through a deep depression has a chance and random encounter with a little girl that reminds him of the beauty and simplicity of life.

The Mall (Directed by Jerry Hoffmann)

A theft with consequences: When introverted Didi is caught stealing a toy mermaid, his hyper-masculine father does not know how to handle it.

A Very Bad Day (Directed by Sian Carry)

In a world where people carry their feelings on their sleeves in the form of balloons, a young woman encounters many situations that set her up to have a very bad day until she meets an unlikely friend who proves one random act of kindness can turn any bad day into a good one.


Animated Shorts

The Witch and the Baby (Directed by Evgenia Golubeva) - WINNER

The Witch and the Baby

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.

Here are some of the things the jury said about the film:

"Lots of funny moments, the character of the witch - you don't want to like her but you do. The hero in the story is the baby for saving the witch and making her life wholesome."
"It was funny, had good characters, seemed to be related to the Russian folk tale of Baba Yaga and is an all around good animation."
"I really liked the sound effects in The Witch and the Baby because it really helped to bring it all together and it was very funny!"

The Little Bang (Directed by Jihyeon Bae) - RUNNER UP

The Little Bang

Two stars crossed celestial bodies striving to close the distance, no matter the cost. Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light years away.

The jury said:

"It was really cute and really happy at the end, but also really sad. I loved the animation, it made me smile. I liked the characterisation. I also liked it when he took Saturn's ring and used it as a Frisbee."
"It gave you a strong sense of how people feel when they get left out."
"I loved this film because there was a mixture of happiness and sadness in it. The happiness being that the sun eventually found someone to play with and the sadness being that the other planets didn't want to play with the sun because they were too busy playing with their many moons."
"It was a friendship story and I like friends."

Rude Sleeping Beauty (Directed by Paul Baker)

The real story of Sleeping Beauty.

Misguided (Directed by Sanghyun Kim)

Tom, a clumsy guide retriever, spies a tennis ball which causes him to leave his blind master’s side. After stumbling into trouble at the construction site, he must reply on his master to rescue him from trouble.

The Bins and the Bees (Directed by K. Sucikova and G. Dixon-Lynch)

A short environmental film addressing waste and recycling concerns in public places, made with recycled materials

Playtime (Directed by Toby Leung)

A green grumpy monster is determined to keep his collection of toys neat on a shelf whilst an oblivious baby monster persistently attempts to play with them. The two are equally passionate about toys yet in polar opposite ways, and they learn to cope with each other through a series of comedic interactions.

Jerich0 (Directed by Sarah Andrews)

Lonely Robot, Jerich0, decides to build a new mechanical friend.

Cassiopeia (Directed by Lucy Hirst)

A young girl who lives in the sky is in charge of looking after the constellation Cassiopeia. When one of the stars goes out she repairs it- only to realise it has become mischievous! It begins to lead the other stars astray and with it chaos ensues...

Hungry (Directed by Yaou Chen)

A film about a T-rex, who is starving in the desert and looking for food. It is a film about his adventure with meeting with other wild animals.