Learn a whole host of tips and tricks from award winning filmmakers.

Filmmaking doesn't have to be hard, so we've pulled together some super short videos which show how you might be able to make a film fit for screen. Join award-winning filmmakers as we go through a revamped alphabet of film, from showcasing ways to create sound effects with household objects to becoming a pro producer.

The A-Z of Filmmaking

As the tips videos become available we will link to them below:

A is for Action
B is for Boom & Sound
C is for Camera
D is for Directing
E is for Editing
F is for FIGHT!
G is for Genres
H is for Health and Safety
I is for INT./EXT.
J is for Jobs and Careers
K is for Kit
L is for Lighting
M is for Movie Making Hacks
N is for No Budget Films
O is for Oscars
P is for Props
Q is for "Quiet on Set!"
R is for Recommended Viewing
S is for Script and Story
T is for Teamwork
U is for "Uhhh...": The Blank Page
V is for Visual Effects
W is for "Where do I show my film?"
X is for Xylophones: Music in Film
Y is for Yeet!: When things go wrong
Z is for Zombies: Low Budget Horror