Golden Wings Young Jury Award Winners! 

Thank you to our amazing Giant Jury for choosing the winners for this year's Leeds Young Film Festival! We're sure the decision can't have been easy! 

Winner: Sky Raiders 

Dir. Lior Chefetz, Israel, 2019

Yotam and his mother move to a new town after the death of his father, a test pilot for the military. When Yotam finds an abandoned plane he decides to restore it with the help of Noa, a girl from school and Morris, a grumpy ex-pilot who eventually comes to see the two kids like his grandchildren. With the annual airshow only weeks away, can they restore the plane and make Morris proud?
An exciting action drama with some amazing aerial action scenes as well as a fascinating insight into the history of the fighter plane.

Here are some of the Jury comments about the film:

I really liked the story, it was exciting and funny. Everyone thought they wouldn’t be able to rescue the plane, but they did. They were determined to complete their goal and it was awesome when there was the plane chase.

I liked mad Maurice, especially when he made a model of the kids dancing – he just wanted some friends too. I’d never seen a Hebrew film before, the scenery was completely different to the other films [in competition].

I really enjoyed this film as it had me invested in the characters and the story was really well written.

Sky Raiders is like a lonely caterpillar changing into a butterfly. The plane didn’t look like much when they found it, but then it transformed into an amazing, colourful flying machine!

Read an interview with director Lior Chefetz here.

Runner Up: My Dad is a Sausage 

Dir. Anouk Fortunier, Belgium, 2020

12 year old Zoë is struggling to find her voice while her older brother and sister are wrapped up in their own lives. Her mum works away a lot and her father has a respectable but dull job in a bank. Everything seems like it will always be the same until one day her father unexpectedly quits his job to become an actor and gets into a big fight with her mum. Zoë believes in her dad, even if nobody else does, and vows to help him in every way she can...
A wonderful film about following your dreams in spite of everyone around you not believing in you. The combination of animation and narration is charming and the story will appeal to children and adults alike.

Runner Up: Team Marco 

Dir. Julio Vincent Gambuto, USA, 2019

Marco must reach level 100 of his new computer game for his father to take him to Epcot but when his elderly grandfather movies in, his plans are scuppered. Forced to play outdoors and spend time with his grandad, Marco learns there's more to life than gaming, while his grandfather realises that some technology can be helpful.
Postponed from LYFF 2020, we're excited to be able to finally present this great film to a UK audience. The first film to be made entirely on Statton Island, Team Marco is funny and moving as it shows how different generations can still learn from each other.

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