Submit your short films to INDIs Film Festival 2023! 

Are you interested in submitting your film to the next INDIs Film Festival?! If you have made a short film in the last 12 months, we would love to see it! And guess what, it's completely free to submit! 

If selected, you will get our exclusive INDIs Festival Laurels, and winners of each category will also win our cash prize, and our exclusive Winners laurels. 

Submit your films here!

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact

INDIs Film Festival is a festival dedicated to celebrating emerging film talent and film fans across the country.

Last year, we hosted our festival entirely online, with a plethora or free events and screenings to appeal to everyone, from Improving your shooting skills with Nikon and Shooting People, to Intimacy on Screen with Ita O'Brien. 

THIS YEAR, we will be bringing all our screenings and events back and better than ever IN PERSON! 

Interested in finding out more of the kinds of things we offer? check out last years programme!