Grab a drink and some popcorn and be immersed in the best of cult and independent film every month with INDIs Movie Nights.

What are INDIs Movie Nights? 

The INDIs Movie Nights are monthly film screenings celebrating British, independent and cult cinema, often with guests. 

INDIs Movie Nights are for the Film-Watchers


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What else is there?!

INDIs Game Nights

INDIs Game Nights are an informal addition for virtual audiences, personifies the INDIs brand, and creates a welcoming environment to tap into other Nights.

This is for the story-tellers.


INDIs Shorts Nights 

INDIs Short Nights are a platform, hosted on the INDIs Film network which provides a spotlight for independent and young filmmakers to present their work. Features mixers, script surgeries, CV training.

This is for the film-makers.

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