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On the Divide + Q&A
Friday 4 November 18:45
Maya Cueva, Co-Director

Finite: The Climate of Change + Q&A
Saturday 5 November 20:45
Rich Felgate, Director

Pamfir + Q&A
Sunday 6 November 18:00
Solomiya Kyrylova, Lead Actress

Robocop + Augmented Bodies Talk
Sunday 6 November 17:15
Speakers Stuart Murray and Anna McFarlane

Face of Our Fear + Panel
Monday 7 November 18:00
With panellists Gill Crawshaw, Dr Alison Wilde, Amy Redhead, Stuart Murray

Medusa Deluxe + Q&A
Monday 7 November 20:30
Thomas Hardiman, Director

Neptune Frost + Panel
Wednesday 9 November 17:45
Dr Rachel Johnson - Centre for World Cinemas and Cultures, University of Leeds
Prof Stephanie Dennison - Centre for World Cinemas and Cultures, University of Leeds
Amayel Ndiaye - Films Femmes Afrique Festival, Senegal
Mosa Mpetha - Cinema Africa!, Leeds
Dr Estrella Sendra - King's College London

Dust and Metal + Q&A
Wednesday 9 November 21:00
Esther Johnson, Director, and Lisa Brook, Producer

Eat Your Catfish + Panel
Thursday 10 November 18:00
With panellists Stuart Murray, Graham Pullin, and more to be confirmed

Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes
Friday 11 November 17:30
Mark James, Director

Above Water + Panel
Friday 11 November 17:45
Henriette Mahamane - Global Leeds Lead
Aïchatou Kane Boulama - Ambassador of Niger in France
Marie-Pierre Bresson - Deputy Mayor of Lille
Abigail Marshall-Katung - Leeds Councillor, Little London and Woodhouse Ward
Polly Cook - Chief Officer Sustainable Energy, Leeds City Council

We Might As Well Be Dead + Q&A
Friday 11 November 18:00
Natalia Sinelnikova, Director

Love Dog + Q&A
Saturday 12 November 12:45
Bianca Lucas, Director

Daughters of Darkness + Q&A
Saturday 12 November 13:00
Harry Kümel, Director

Everybody Loves Jeanne + Q&A
Sunday 13 November 14:30
Céline Devaux, Director

Karaoke + Q&A
Tuesday 15 November 17:45
Moshe Rosenthal, Director

Shove It: The Xero Slingsby Story + Q&A
Wednesday 16 November 18:15
Robert Crampton, Director, and Sally Coe, Producer

Dead Mint + Q&A
Tuesday 15 November 20:30
Bill Bartlett, Director, and Denis Copeland, Producer