Below we have compiled a list of films with potentially triggering or sensitive content for audiences. As many of our films have not been rated by the BBFC, we have identified what we believe could be triggering films for audiences. However, we understand that triggers are personal and can vary widely. Our content considerations are intended as a guide so please use your own judgement when booking tickets. If you would like more detailed information about the content of a film, please email us at 

Films with strobing and flashing images are indicated on their individual film ticket pages.

Most films at LIFF are available to customers aged 18 or over due to local licensing requirements, unless otherwise stated. Therefore, they may contain strong language, nudity and sex which is not mentioned on this page.  If a film has a BBFC certificate, this is stated with the film information.

All of Us Strangers

Explores grief/bereavement. Contains distressing scenes, self harm.

Another Body

Explores image based sexual abuse, see for the filmmakers' campaign to support survivors.

Apolonia, Apolonia

Contains themes of suicide and self-harm.

The Begotten Cycle

BBFC Certificate 18 - sexual violence, strong gore, necrophilia, nudity.

Break The Game

Explores online harassment and the mental health implications of a life lived online.

Goodbye Julia

Contains graphic violence, racial violence, distressing scenes

The Hostage Takers

Explores themes of war crimes, prison and detention, political killings and terrorism.

How To Have Sex

Contains sexual violence, distressing scenes.

I Used To Be Funny

Contains scenes and discussion of rape/sexual assault.

In Camera

Explores racism and mental health. Contains distressing scenes.

La Palisiada

Contains bloody violence.


Explores child loss and grief. Contains distressing scenes.


Contains instances of LGBTQIA+ discrimination

Night of the Dead (Spoilers)

Scenes of suicide and mild suicidal ideation. Scenes of grief and loss. There is a sustained and emotionally intense depiction of the loss of a child under the age of 1 during one feature film of the night.


Contains discussion of sexual assault.

Rule of Two Walls

Includes warzone footage.


Contains themes of suicide and self-harm.

The Settlers

Contains sexual violence, graphic violence, distressing scenes.


Contains violence.

Sweet Dreams

Contains references to sexual assault and racism.

The Sweet East

Contains graphic violence, distressing scenes.

Your Fat Friend

Explores anti-fatness and online abuse. See for more information on campaign content.