Discover an exclusive selection of screenings at the Leeds International Film Festival that offer more than just a cinematic experience. Delve deeper into the world of film with our special Q&A sessions where filmmakers share behind-the-scenes insights, their inspirations, and the challenges they faced. In addition, join thought-provoking panel talks that explore diverse topics and themes in the world of cinema. Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage directly with film industry professionals and deepen your appreciation for the art of filmmaking.


4 November

The Hostage Takers | Q&A with Director Søren Klovborg

The Begotten Cycle | Q&A with Director Elias Merhige

The Becomers | Q&A with Director Zach Clark

5 November

Shadow of the Vampire | Q&A with Director Elias Merhige

The Becomers | Q&A with Director Zach Clark

Scala!!! | Q&A with Director Jane Giles

7 November

Your Fat Friend | Q&A with Director Jeanie Finlay

8 November

Chronicles of a Wandering Saint | Q&A with Director Tomás Gómez Bustillo.

9 November 

Leeds Screendance Competition | Panel with Andy Wood and others. 

10 November 

From Where We Stand | Q&A with Director Lucy Kaye.

Pictures of Ghosts | Panel with Vlad Strukov and Stephanie Dennison from the University of Leeds

11 November

From Where We Stand | Q&A with Director Lucy Kaye.

Celluloid Underground | Q&A with Director Ehsan Khoshbakht.

Kiddo | Q&A with Director Zara Dwinger.

Raging Grace | Q&A with Director Paris Zarcilla.

12 November 

The Hunger | Panel Discussion with Evangeline Spachis, Amber T, Alice Parsons and Rebecca McCallum.

13 November

Coconut Head Generation | Panel Talk with Adebimpe Adeyemi, Rachel Johnson from the University of Leeds and others. 

17 November

Double Blind | Q&A with Director Ian Hunt-Duffy

18 November

Sky Peals | Q&A with Director Moin Hussain

In Camera | Q&A with Director Naqqash Khalid

Hoard | TBC