Leeds is a city in the heart of Yorkshire; full to the brim with culture, experiences and an unmatched independent food scene. Amidst its breathtaking architecture and vibrant events, it proudly hosts the Leeds International Film Festival, showcasing the city's dedication to art and creativity. We've worked with Visit Leeds to put some information together to help you plan your trip for the festival and experience more of our amazing city. 


From luxurious international hotel brands to homely self-catered apartments and even scenic camp sites, Leeds offers accommodation to fit every preference and budget. Whether you're seeking a lavish spa break, an intimate boutique experience, or a nature-infused retreat, Leeds ensures your stay is memorable.

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Centrally located, Leeds stands as one of the UK's most accessible cities. Leeds Bradford Airport connects you globally, while direct rail links knit the nation together. Dive into the city with efficient local transit options like the Leeds City Bikes, or use comprehensive bus services catering to both city and countryside. No matter your mode, your journey to and within Leeds promises convenience.

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Dive into the cultural and culinary epicenter of the North. This city boasts a vibrant independent food scene, from bustling stalls like Kirkgate Market to Michelin-starred gems like The Man Behind the Curtain. And you'll never be far from a delicious morning coffee. Leeds is a blend of gastronomic excellence and rich heritage, waiting to be explored. LIFF 2023 Passholders will receive discounts at various food and drink venues across Leeds.

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If you've planned your trip to Leeds for the festival, now all you need to do now is start booking tickets! 

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