Leeds International Short Film Competition

Jury Esther Johnson, Isabel Moir, Myriam Mouflih

Winner Lata by Alisha Tejpal (India)

Special Mentions Lili Alone by Zou Jing (China), Neon Phantom by Leonardo Martinelli (Brazil)

Jury Statement on Winner 'A sensitive look at women’s labour in India’s caste system. Alisha Tejpal delicately highlights the tensions between familiar objects to focus on the dichotomy between village and city, traditions and modernity. The strong presence of the lead actress brings a warmth and engagement to the monotony of her everyday tasks.'

World Animation Competition

Jury Martha Cattell, Astrid Goldsmith, Kim Noce

Winner Love is Just a Death Away: dir. Bára Anna Stejskalová (Czech Republic)

Special Mentions The Fourth Wall by Mahboobeh Kalaee (Iran), Amayi by Subarna D (India)

Jury Statement on Winner 'A compelling and unexpected narrative from a fresh voice, Love is Just a Death Away combines dark humour, peril, and tender moments against a backdrop of decaying landfill. Animation is at its best when the artist can share their unique world with us, and this self-referential use of stop-motion was confident and imaginative.’

British Short Film Competition

Jury Mathieu Ajan, Evelyn Griffiths, Abla Kandalaft

Winner Play It Safe by Mitch Kalisa

Special Mentions Finding Dad by Alana Hutton-Shaw, Stuffed by Theo Rhys

Jury Statement on Winner 'A bold and important story told with a lot of style and grace. The director has a clear vision of what he wants to say. It hits the right note between humour and awkwardness  and it delivers a powerful statement without being on the nose.'

Yorkshire Short Film Competition

Jury Mathieu Ajan, Evelyn Griffiths, Abla Kandalaft

Winner The Branches Are Hope; The Roots Are Memory by Sema Basharan

Jury Statement on Winner 'A hymn to the city told through the people who make it home, beautiful use of archives and poetic and experimental imagery that helped the stories resonate. It felt like a very uplifting piece of work.'

Leeds Queer Short Film Competition

Jury Ndrika Anyika, Sophie Duncan, Zakiya Whyles

Winner Neither Here, Nor There by Ley Comas (USA)

Special Mentions My Neighbor, Miguel by Danny Navarro (USA), Octavia’s Visions by Zara Zandieh (Germany)

Jury Statement on Winner 'Beautiful and intimate conversation on gender identity between a mother and their non binary adult child. A nuanced and genuine story of a parental relationship, contrasting with one’s sense of self.'

Leeds Screendance Competition

Jury Cara Hagen, Marlene Millar, Laida Arietta

Winner Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubáček (Czech Republic)

Special Mention Bellydance Vogue dir. Hadi Moussally (Spain)

Jury Statement on Winner 'Fibonacci offers viewers incredible texture through landscape, the grouping of bodies in that landscape, and engaging storytelling. With simple movement as an anchor for the arc of the piece, the audience has the opportunity to settle into the world the artists create, without being overwhelmed by it.'

Leeds Music Video Competition

Jury Jack King, NOVYMIR, Rosie Parsons

Winner Kuba Kawalec - I Died by Zuzanna Plisz (Poland)

Special Mention Tova Gertner - Good And Better by Gil Alkabetz (Germany)

Jury Statement on Winner 'I Died uses great narrative prowess to do something original within the boundaries of genre. With an iconic look, it goes somewhere unexpected with strong conviction. A video that really enhances the experience of the song.'