Make your own short films and animations!

If you have been inspired by any of the films in the Leeds Young Film Festival and want to try making your own short film or animation, or are already a budding filmmaker and are looking to develop your skills, we've included some tips and tutorials to provide some help and guidance.

Created by our friends at Pocket Projects and InspirEd Workshops these videos will help you on your way to becoming skilled filmmakers and animators.

No Budget Filmmaking with Pocket Projects

Filmmaker Rad Miller provides advice and tips for making short films with no budget and just the materials and resources you have to hand.

This short video tells you everything you need to know to start making your own short films at home.

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Animation with InspirEd Workshops

We've partnered with InspirEd Workshops to create 2 budget friendly craft kits to get you started with your animations.

Mini Model Maker Animation Starter Kit

Image of Mini Model Maker kit

We want to inspire the next generation of animators with this simple model making box. It includes all the basic materials you need to create 3D characters or stop motion puppets for just £6.99.

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Why not use it to make your own 'Punk Rock Kid' figure that you can animate. Follow the tutorial below.

Image of Animation Starter Kit

Animation Kit

Image of Animation Kit

The animation starter kit includes all the materials you need to make your own stop-motion animation, including a wooden doll armature, a full set of modelling clay (15 colours), lots of paper shapes and glue for creating 2D animations, stickers and a Superdude drawing pad and pencil, all for £13.99.

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Image of How To animate guides

In addition to the materials, both kits also include the following printed guides:

  • How to make a mini model
  • How to create a flip book animation
  • How to animate a stop motion movie

Check out InspirEd Workshops' YouTube channel for other tutorials at this link

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