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Celebrating the impact of arts and culture on young people's lives.

Leeds Young Film, Leeds Playhouse, Northern Ballet and The Hepworth Wakefield have partnered with the Burberry Foundation and Ideas Foundation to deliver the Burberry Inspire programme, providing immersive arts and culture education to thousands of Key Stage 3 11 – 14 year-olds in Yorkshire over four years.

The impact of Burberry Inspire is being studied by the Policy Institute at King’s College London to examine how cultural and creative education can help young people transcend challenging circumstances, widen their horizons and realise their aspirations.

Working in partnership to develop skills and confidence

The programme has been developed in partnership with filmmaker Rad Miller from Pocket Projects to deliver a comprehensive filmmaking experience through a series of related workshops including virtual reality, documentary, music video, social media, vlogging and art film. As well as developing the students’ technical abilities, the programme is designed to develop transferable skills, problem-solving and creative communication.

Project achievements

Over the four years we will work with young people to become the next generation of film talent, opening up skills and career opportunities in film and media that they may not have considered.


The students have taken part in filmmaking related workshops to develop transferable cultural skills including: Virtual Reality, documentary, music video, social media and vlogging and art film.

They have had the opportunity to contribute to a screening at Leeds Town Hall during Leeds International Film Festival and have put on their own end-of-year celebration event to showcase their achievements. They also met and worked alongside a series of high profile guests from the industry who will share, not only their skills but also their knowledge and the story of their path to the sector.

The students’ experiences have been backed up with practical, meaningful information about how to take their ambitions further within reach, as well as empowerment through skills and abilities - both technical, interpersonal but also skills to increase employability such as collaborative working, problem-solving and creative expression.

"Leeds Young Film gives thousands of young people and families the opportunity to engage with film in a wide variety of ways. Most recently this has been through a virtual engagement with a new toolkit for students to use at home and connect with each other during lockdown, which will continue to inspire young people to develop their skills, learn about arts and culture and create their own content. As part of Leeds City Council, we are committed to delivering these key priorities and the Virtual Guerrilla Filmmakers' Guide allows us to do just that. We are thrilled to be a part of Burberry Inspire and the collaboration we’ve developed with all of the partners including Reel Works in New York has enabled us to continue to enrich our offer and reach an even wider audience."
Debbie Maturi, Leeds Young Film Manager