This year, we returned for our 11th annual INDIs Short Film Awards! We are dedicated to supporting and celebrating the best of merging UK film talent ages 15-25, and our jury of industry professionals gave their feedback on each film and announced the winners on LIVE on our Youtube and Twitch as part of our prestigious awards night! 

If you would like to check out the full short film programme, click here!

15 - 18 Age Category

Runner up 

Driven to Despair

Dir. Laura Marcy

Driven To Despair is about a girl with OCD who is guided by her mental health issue and rigidly sticks to situations she knows she can control.


Special Mention 

Leech ヒル

Dir. Theo Shorrocks

In this psychological horror, a man's obsession with Japan begins to both haunt and torment him after discovering a mysterious video that intrudes on his peaceful life.



All of the Feels 

dir. Elissa Morgan-Williamson

A classic rom-com meet cute which is too good to be true.

19 - 21 Age Category 

Runner up

The Last Straw 

Dir. Cleo Parker

Cyril the Scarecrow is terrified of birds. How will he manage to scare away Bertie the crow who just won't leave him alone?


Special Mention


Dir. Emmanuel Li 

Would the apocalypse really be all that bad? Teenage Freddie certainly doesn't think so, as he boogies his troubles away on a gorgeous sunny hill. But he can only outrun his troubles for so long.



Getting to the Moon 

Dir. Jacob Nicholson 

A whimsical animation that follows a young astronaut in 1969 as he tries to get to the moon by various means before meeting another astronaut with the same goal.

22-25 Age Category 

Runner up 


Dir. Benedict Webb

After a young man agrees to help an elderly neighbour with their grocery shopping through lockdown, they form an unlikely friendship that changes them both.




Dir. Emily Macrander 

On a night out, a girl overdoses at an underground rave. Unfolding in reverse chronology, ‘Rave’ traces the events of the night back to the beginning, revealing the intertwining stories of the people involved, including Jade whose night takes an unexpected turn after she finds herself alone at a rave.