With Leeds cinemas closed at present, we're bringing you a selection featuring some of the best new international cinema and LIFF audience favourites to enjoy on Leeds Film Player, with ten new features now available. 
Presented in partnership with with Hyde Park Picture House, Assassins is a jaw-dropping documentary that would seem far-fetched if it were fiction. CCTV footage appears to reveal conclusive evidence in the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s half brother Kim Jong-nam in a Malaysian airport, implicating two young women as the assassins.

Other selections in our LIFF Selects line-up include Charter (available until 7 March), an intense portrait of the lawless force of an imperfect mother’s love from writer/director Amanda Kernell; and Last and First Men, the first and only feature film directed by the late Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario, Arrival), based on Olaf Stapledon’s cult sci-fi novel.
Luxor is a beautifully understated drama from Zeina Durra, which builds from a subtle and complex central performance by Andrea Riseborough as a burned out British aid worker on leave in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor; and A White, White Day, is a slow burning psychological drama featuring a masterful performance by Ingvar Sigurdsson as grieving police chief.
Titles in our LIFF Audience Favourites line-up include And Then We Danced, a vibrant and intense love story set in the dynamic but ultra-conservative world of traditional Georgian dance; Atelier de conversation, a wonderfully benevolent and humane account of how we move beyond the limitations of language to discover and foster a sense of community and understanding in a foreign climate; and Chuck Norris vs Communism, a fascinating and inspiring documentary which tells the story of a black-market VHS racketeer and a courageous female translator who brought the magic of film to 80s Romania and helped to spark a revolution.
The very first fiction film shot in the Tuareg language, Rain the Colour of Blue with a Little Red in it is a loose, desert remake of Prince’s 80s rock-u-drama Purple Rain, set in Saharan Africa and featuring star musicians from Agadez, Niger. Also in our LIFF Audience Favourites is Sami Blood (available until 16 March), the prior film from Charter director Amanda Kernell, a powerful coming-of-age debut which was an audience favourite at LIFF 2017 and also won the European Parliament’s prestigious Lux Prize for Best European Film.
Individual LIFF Selects titles are £5 each to rent, or a LIFF Selects Pass to view all five can be purchased for £15.
Individual LIFF Audience Favourite titles are £4 each to rent, or a LIFF Audience Favourites Pass to view all five can be purchased for £12.