This Easter Holidays, Leeds Young Film Festival is partnering with Story Bees to bring you and your little ones the most exciting and creative cinema-viewing experience!

Run by an experienced primary-school teacher, Story Bees hosts story-centred creative play sessions for children of all ages. With creative and sensory activities ranging from messy play to construction, from collaborative art to music making, Story Bees allows children to explore, learn and discover more about the stories they read and watch.

During LYFF, these sessions will take place at Hyde Park Picture House and will be followed by a child-friendly film screening. The sessions will last approximately 20-30 minutes and the activity will be related to the film. The sessions are free and the film screenings are only £3 each or £10 for the whole family (up to 4 people, max. 2 adults)!

Story Bees is a fantastic opportunity to entertain and educate your young ones in a safe and fun environment! Check out the list below and book your place to join in the fun this Easter.


Shorts for Wee Ones
Tuesday 9 April 09:30 | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | No dialogue | 45 min | U
The Discovery Film Festival in Dundee presents a collection of short films from around the world for the very young, including posh penguins, a mysterious fish, a bird, a bell & an egg and some very cool dinosaurs!

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
Tuesday 9 April 10:50 | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | Germany | 110 min | PG
An epic fantasy adventure following a young orphan boy Jim Button, his best friend Luke and a magical steam engine called Emma as they travel across the world in search of the truth about where Jim came from.

Lotte and the Lost Dragons
Wednesday 10 April 09:30 | Hyde Park Picture House
2019 | Estonia | 78 min | U
While showing her little sister round the village, Lotte meets two explorers who are recording original and lost folk songs. They find a clue to the existence of the fabled Lost Dragons and embark on a fantastic adventure.

Wednesday 10 April 11:45 | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | Netherlands | 84 min | PG
Josje, a primary school teacher, accidentally breaks an ancient artefact in her Aunt’s home and transforms into a super heroine who saves animals that need her help.

The Little Witch
Thursday 11 April 09:30 | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | Switzerland, Germany | 102 min | U
The Little Witch is a story about a witch who only wants to cast helpful spells and be nice to humans. With the help of her trust raven, she sends out to be the best witch in the forest. 

Little Miss Doolittle
Thursday 11 April 12:00 | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | Germany | 96 min | PG
An 11-year-old girl who has the ability to talk to animals comes to the rescue when a thief causes trouble at the local zoo. 

Capt’n Sharky
Friday 12 April | Hyde Park Picture House
2018 | Germany | 77 min | U
Fearless and full of laughter, Captain Sharky and his lively crew are off to exciting and frightening adventures where they learn that there is more than being the most fearsome pirate – being a good friend.

Friday 12 April | Hyde Park Picture House
2017 | France | 78 min | PG
Zombillenium, the Halloween theme park, happens to be the one place on earth where real monsters can hide in plain sight. When the park’s vampires decide to take over, its up to the rest of the monsters to fight back.