Introducing Leeds Film Player

For LIFF 2020 we are excited to be launching Leeds Film Player, a new streaming platform presented by Leeds Film and Leeds Young Film to host films online for our three film festivals: Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds Young Film Festival, and the INDIs.

Leeds Film Player will be live for the duration of LIFF 2020 with over 150 feature films and shorts programmes available to rent. You will be able to view many acclaimed fiction features and documentaries from the LIFF 2020 Official Selection, Cinema Versa and Fanomenon sections, all competition programmes in the Leeds Short Film Awards, and family films from Leeds Young Film Festival.

Accessing Leeds Film Player

Leeds Film Player will go live via this website from 3rd November. This page will link to the Player and there will also be a link on the website page for each film available to rent.

Renting films on Leeds Film Player

Before Leeds Film Player goes live, you can see the full line-up of films available to rent in the Festival Guide schedule, film pages, and index, as well as the website page for each film.

Feature films on the Player will cost £6 to rent, short film programmes £3, and Leeds Young Film Festival family features £3. There will also be discounted packages for renting multiple films. You will need to set up an account on the Player to be able to rent films.

Most of the films available on the Player can be rented at any time during LIFF 2020, with a small number of exceptions. Some of the films will have a maximum number of rentals available.

Some films are available only on the Leeds Film Player and not in venues: Night-in of the Dead marathon, Depth Perceptions: Experimental Animation Panorama, Leeds Music Video Competition, The Twentieth Century, and Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarves.

Launching 3rd November