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13/11/21 16/11/21
1970 + Liberation Radio

1970: Poland was on the brink of a major uprising. Workers took to the streets in protest against price increases while the militia resorted to using…

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07/11/21 11/11/21

Manimal freakishness is in plain, matter-of-fact sight in Lamb, a dark Scandi tall tale evoked with stark clarity. Maria and Ingvar toil away on their…

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14/11/21 14/11/21
Leeds Music Video Competition

Always eclectic and unconventional, the Leeds Music Video Competition is a kaleidoscopic survey of some of the best new music videos from around the…

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08/11/21 08/11/21
Pilot Pirx's Inquest

A rarely screened adaptation of a story by the great Polish science fiction author, Stanislaw Lem, Pilot Pirx’s Inquest follows his most famous…

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12/11/21 12/11/21
World Animation Competition 1

Every year the LIFF World Animation Competition presents a comprehensive selection of new short animated films from around the world. From festival…

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13/11/21 13/11/21
World Animation Competition 3

And finally, our third selection of films made by some of the world’s most creative, clever and brilliant animators. We begin with an epic vision of…

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