05/11/20 05/11/20
About Endlessness

The latest from Swedish master Roy Andersson is a characteristically deadpan series of existential sketches, all shot with painstaking minimalist…

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06/11/20 07/11/20

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan star in Yorkshire born Francis Lee’s highly anticipated follow up to God’s Own Country. Ammonite is a fictionalised…

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07/11/20 08/11/20
And Tomorrow the Entire World

Julia Von Heinz’s immersive thriller follows 20-year-old Luisa, who leaves her wealthy parents to study law, but soon finds herself joining a…

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04/11/20 08/11/20
Anne at 13,000 ft

Featuring a magnetic central performance from Deragh Campbell, Anne at 13,000 ft is a mesmerising, fast paced indie drama tracking one young woman’s…

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15/11/20 17/11/20
Another Round

Another Round is the latest film from Thomas Vinterberg, the Danish director of Festen and The Hunt. There is an obscure theory that we should have…

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06/11/20 11/11/20

Tom Sullivan’s striking gaelic language debut captures the desperation of the 1840’s potato famine on the spectacular shores of Ireland’s west coast.…

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