14/11/20 17/11/20
The Whaler Boy

The Whaler Boy is a hugely engaging comedy drama set in the bleak Russian tundra by the Bering Strait. Teenager Leksha works as a whale hunter in a…

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13/11/20 15/11/20
Where Were We?: Documentary Shorts

In this year of disruption and isolation, we bring you accounts of unsettled identities, personal discovery and collective action. Colonial legacies…

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07/11/20 08/11/20

The Oscar-nominated animation studio behind The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea returns with the tale of a magical, unlikely friendship between…

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09/11/20 09/11/20
World Animation Competition: Programme 1

We pick the most outstanding animated short films from a diverse selection, for our ever popular World Animation Award. In this programme, climate…

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09/11/20 09/11/20
World Animation Competition: Programme 2

Our World Animation Award programmes bring together animations of every kind, from festival award winners, to freshly minted graduation short films.…

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10/11/20 10/11/20
World Animation Competition: Programme 3

With 30 films from 20 different countries selected from hundreds of entries, we present the very best in contemporary short animated films. The last…

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