Leeds Short Film Audience Award

Always a popular annual LIFF experience, this free event gives you the chance to vote for the winner of one of the Leeds Short Film Awards. Our…

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20/11/19 20/11/19
Leeds Short Film Awards - The Winners

A great chance to see the award-winners from this year’s competitions all together in one bumper programme of short film wonders. The size and…

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08/04/19 22/04/19
Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards: Highlights

A showcase of some of the winning films from varying age categories entered into the Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards; shining a spotlight on…

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09/11/19 10/11/19
Let There Be Light

A Slovak village is getting ready for Christmas. Forty-year-old Milan travels from Germany where he works to be home with his family. However, the…

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30/10/19 30/10/19
LIFF Presents: A Serial Killer's Guide to Life

Lou is a feckless young woman who lives at home in a drab, British seaside town with her overbearing mother. Addicted to self-help groups she meets…

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16/10/19 16/10/19
LIFF Presents: Monos

On a remote mountaintop, a rebel group of commandos perform military training exercises while watching over a prisoner (Julianne Nicholson) for a…

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