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Wool 100%

This year our expanded Planet Japan celebration includes several unreleased films from previous editions of LIFF. Like Angel’s Egg, Summer Time…

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12/11/21 12/11/21
World Animation Competition 1

Every year the LIFF World Animation Competition presents a comprehensive selection of new short animated films from around the world. From festival…

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World Animation Competition 2

Once more we’ve been round the globe (virtually of course) to bring you the finest and most diverse animated short films, for our ever popular World…

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13/11/21 13/11/21
World Animation Competition 3

And finally, our third selection of films made by some of the world’s most creative, clever and brilliant animators. We begin with an epic vision of…

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15/11/21 15/11/21
Xala (on 35mm)

Senegalese master Ousmane Sembène unleashed one of his most ingenious, scathing satirical dramas with Xala in 1975. He targets the new bourgeois elite…

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14/11/21 14/11/21
Yorkshire Short Film Competition

A phenomenal exploration of local filmmakers from across the region. This exquisite collection of distinctive and exceptional shorts covers a lot of…

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