Following a strange experience at a party, teenage Betsy returns home and declares to her mother, Holly, that she no longer needs to eat, being guided by a higher power. Holly, recently widowed and still traumatised by loss, struggles to hold everything together, as Betsy is examined by doctors and experts who cannot explain why she is not losing weight. Torn between love for her daughter and her beliefs, Holly is forced to face her daughter’s nihilistic epiphany. Ruth Paxton’s debut feature is a claustrophobic psychological horror sharing themes with Rose Glass’s chilling Saint Maud.

The first screening of A Banquet is part of Day of the Dead is on 6 November at Vue in The Light and you can buy a DOTD pass for the whole day: individual tickets are available for repeats of the DOTD films after 6 November and you can also view them for a limited time on Leeds Film Player.

Day of the Dead

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