PLEASE NOTE: This event has been postponed. Please see LYFF2020: Postponed for more information

The Animated Shorts Competition showcases some of the best animated short films from around the country. Viewers are invited to vote for their favourite short film and the winner will be selected at the end of the festival.

You can catch these showings at the follow venues and times:

Carriageworks Theatre, Millennium Square, Leeds
Friday 10 - Monday 13 April, Level 2 Bar, screening on a loop throughout the day, FREE
Leeds Big Screen, Millennium Square, Leeds
Monday 30th March - Saturday 11th April, screening on a loop throughout the day, FREE
Bramley Community Centre, Waterloo Lane, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 2JB
Thursday 9th April, 19:30, £1 per ticket

Age recommended 3+


Dir. Sanghyun Kim
Run time: 2:26 

Tom, a clumsy guide retriever, spies a tennis ball which causes him to leave his blind master’s side. After stumbling into trouble at the construction site, he must reply on his master to rescue him from trouble.



The Little Bang

Dir. Jihyeon Bae
Run time: 6:30

Two stars crossed celestial bodies striving to close the distance, no matter the cost. Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light years away.

Rude Sleeping Beauty 

Dir. Paul Baker
Run time: 3:00 

The real story of Sleeping Beauty

The Witch and the Baby

Dir. Evgenia Golubeva
Run time: 4:45

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.


Dir. Yaou Chen 
Run time: 2:39

A hungry T-Rex is starving in the desert and is on the lookout for food. Along the way, he embarks on a charming and funny adventure when he meets other animals in the desert.

The Bins and the Bees

Dir. K. Sucikova and G. Dixon-Lynch 
Run time: 2:59

A short environmental film addressing waste and recycling concerns in public places, made with recycled materials and produced at Leeds Animation Workshop.


Dir. Toby Leung
Run time: 5:20

A green grumpy monster is determined to keep his collection of toys neat on a shelf whilst an oblivious baby monster persistently attempts to play with them. The two are equally passionate about toys yet in polar opposite ways, and they learn to cope with each other through a
series of comedic interactions.


Dir. Sarah Andrews
Run time: 1:40 

Lonely Robot, Jerich0, decides to build a new mechanical friend.


Dir. Lucy Hirst
Run time: 3:50

A young girl who lives in the sky is in charge of looking after the constellation Cassiopeia. When one of the stars goes out she repairs it- only to realise it has become mischievous! It begins to lead the other stars astray and with it chaos ensues...