Runtime: 1hr 30m

Building a Better Film Future: A feminist approach to navigating a career in the UK Film industry

Featuring a diverse range of guests, this panel explores and discusses what it means to take an actively feminist stance towards developing and maintaining a career in front and behind the camera. Bringing together leaders, creators, makers and dreamers, the panel and audience will share their experiences and views of how to build a sustainable career in the film industry while securing a new generation’s future.


Ulrike Kubatta, De Montfort University

Ulrike Kubatta is an award winning documentary producer/director and the Director of The DocHub@DMU. Her work has been screened nationally and internationally at film festivals, cinemas, museums and galleries. Her feature documentaries investigate ideas of female trailblazers, heroism and personal transformation and take an innovative and creative approach to the documentary genre. Ulrike is an Associate Professor in Film at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Debbie Maturi, Head of Leeds Young Film

Debbie has been passionate about children's cinema for over 25 years since she started out as a volunteer at Bradford Playhouse and Film Theatre. Now Head of Leeds Young Film, she is the Director of INDIs Film Festival and Leeds Young Film Festival and is inspired by the power that the moving image has on all young people's lives in helping them make sense of the world. Debbie is excited by the potential of new technologies to enhance our children and young people's ability to create and share the stories that are important to them, no matter who they are.

Sonia Mayor, Film 50:50

The idea of film 50:50 was inspired by a Ted Talk by Naomi Mcdougall Jones in which award winning Hollywood filmmaker highlights the impact that films have on women's career choices, self esteem and well being. 

The powerful messages from the talk resonated with Sonia's experience in leadership development and inclusion where she is working to bring a more enlightened approach based on the ability to listen, stand in the shoes of another and speak truth to power.   

Film 50:50 is a collaboration of a growing number of organisations in Leeds who are committed to creating a Women Friendly City. The initiative is rooted in four simple principles:   

• To show films made and/or directed by women.
• To show films on every genre -not just films about women or aimed at women
• To show films by women from all over the world
• To show films that attract a diverse audience

Dr Beth Johnson, Associate Professor in Film and Media; Director of Student Education University of Leeds

Dr Beth Johnson is Associate Professor in Film and Media Studies at the University of Leeds. She is the author of Paul Abbott (MUP, 2013), and co-editor of the collections Television, Sex and Society (Continuum, 2012), Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain (with David Forrest) (Palgrave, 2017) and Teenage Dreams: Youth Subcultures in Fiction, Film and Other Media (Palgrave 2018). Her research interests include gender, class, performance and place on-screen. Beth is Chair of the MeCCSA Women's Network.

Grace Alwyn-Ashworth, Freelance Filmmaker, Found Films UK

Grace Alwyn Ashworth is a film writer and director from the North West of England. She graduated from the Northern Film School, UK in 2006. She has directed various films including narrative, charity and client promos. In 2018 she set up production company Found Films. She has helped to promote various companies through video marketing. In 2015 she directed a cinema advert for Dragon's Den winning company Accentuate.
Her latest short film 'A Dunder Plunder' has received Official Selections at Broad Humor Film Festival 2019 - USA, Oaxaca Film Festival 2019 - Mexico, and Bolton Film Festival 2019 - UK. It was awarded the People's Choice Award at Indieflicks Film Festival 2019 - UK.
She is currently developing her first feature film 'The Feet at the Foot of the Fells'.