'A new arrival awakens disquieting feelings in a childlike 40-year-old mystic in Nathalie Álvarez Mesen's spellbinding debut.' - Jessica Kiang, Variety

'Led by a feral performance from dancer Wendy Chinchilla Araya, the drama occupies its own territory, tinged with magical realism and deeply immersed in the sensory world.' - Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

'A defiant challenge to prejudice and repression.' - Jonathan Romney, Screen International

There is something life-giving, magical even, in Clara’s hands. Disabled slightly by a crooked spine, and by a developmental delay that’s willfully unaddressed, Clara is now 40 and is believed to perform miracles. Cloistered by a loving, cautious mother who entrusts all to God, Clara’s saint-like status is a two-edged sword, allowing protection and inner divinity but outer suppression. Clara’s stirring sexual desire may resolve in her happiness, but it’s also a threat. A striking, singular, sensual debut feature by Costa Rican-Swedish filmmaker Nathalie Álvarez Mesen.

This film contains scenes of disability discrimination.