Runtime: 2hr 30m

Planning on shooting an action-packed film? This workshop from Fight Director Mark Ruddick will teach you the methods of having safe combat and stunts for the screen.

Get taught all the most fun techniques such as safe kicking, eye gouges, knees to the groin, strangles and good old fashioned upper cuts by seasoned professionals Squire Combat who have worked with The BBC, ITV, National Theatre, WWE, Marvel Studios and HBO. The session concludes with a talk from a trained stunt professional and an open Q&A covering car crashes, stair falls and the exciting world of stage and screen combat and stunts.

You must be over 15 to attend this workshop. Under 18s will be required to complete a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. 

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For over nine years Squire Stage Combat has been working within drama schools, universities and theatres providing the very best training for actors of all ages. Our instructors continue to work within film, TV and theatre and amongst us we have credits from The BBC, ITV, Glyndebourne, National Theatre, WWE, Marvel Studios and HBO. Our workshops can be enjoyed by everyone; focusing on training rather than performance. No one is asked to get up on stage unless they want to and all the fights, falls and flailing are fake! After all “the first rule of fight club is NO ONE GETS HURT!”