Films Available 29 March - 30 April

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The INDIs Film Competition is sponsored by Sticks and Glass and Leeds City College.

The INDIs Short Film Competition celebrates the next generation of the UK's emerging filmmakers and their independent films. Spanning over three age categories, the 29 total films will be available on our Leeds Film Player from 29 March - 30 April, so don't miss out! The films will be judged by our Jury comprised of industry professionals, and the winners will be announced 10 April in a live special event. 

In this category, the films were made by young filmmakers aged between 15-18. Some of the films in this category explore themes such as isolation, COVID19, War, extreme dieting, and some films that may be sensitive for some viewers. 

Lift Off

Dir. Max Roach 
Runtime: 3 mins 

Space travel was bound to happen but when Samuel discovers what this means for him, it changes his view of exploration and what the future means for him.


Dir. Calypso Cragg 
Runtime: 4 mins

Isolated' is a short film that captures the dull simplicity of being in lockdown. The repetitive, simple boring daily happenings seem to blend into each other, becoming a blur of insipid memories and events. Every day we unconsciously ask ourselves: Will this ever end? Will we ever be free of lockdown? When will I have my life back again?


Dir. Paula Szczyrba
Runtime: 1 min

What if you only had one minute left to live? What would you do? More importantly, how would you FEEL?


Work Out 

Dir. Kit Bessant
Runtime: 9 mins 

Produced during the Covid-19 lockdown, Workout sees a young man, Jake, stricken with an obsession of physical improvement, leading him down a dark path of grueling exercise, dangerous dieting, and self-inflicted mental torment.


Dir. Henry fox
Runtime: 13 mins 

This love story encompasses a coming of age tale, whereby we witness the emotional transformation that leads to a young boy signing up to the war for a chance of a better relationship with his father.

The Reveal 

Dir. Rakib Miah
Runtime: 6 mins 

Two scripters are trying to come up with a new idea for their short film but it begins to take a terrible turn...


Dir. Leszek Cygan
Runtime: 6 mins 

A persistent nosebleed exposes a young man's tissue