Films available 29 March - 30 April 

Animation Shorts
Live Action Shorts Programme 1
Live Action Shorts Programme 2

The INDIs Film Competition is sponsored by Sticks and Glass and Leeds City College.

The INDIs Short Film Competition celebrates the next generation of the UK's emerging filmmakers and their independent films. Spanning over three age categories, the 29 total films will be available on our Leeds Film Player from 29 March - 30 April, so don't miss out! The films will be judged by our Jury comprised of industry professionals, and the winners will be announced 10 April in a live special event. 

The films in this category were made by filmmakers aged 22-25. Some of the films in this category feature themes such as bullying, death, grieving, heartbreak, mild threat and violence. 

Before We Collide 

Dir. Gregor Petrikovic, Guy Gooch
Runtime: 1 mins 

In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support. We are made aware of earthly transience (mono no aware) in a time when the Earth seems to stand still. Before We Collide is a short film shot on a Nishika N8000 analog lenticular camera consisting of over 800 photographs pieced together. The film does not give the impression that it is made for me, you, or anyone for that matter. It simply exists as an artefact that can be witnessed, like found footage of a ghostly apparition.


Dir. Aaron Wheeler
Runtime: 8 mins

When a wannabe gangster/ middle-class teenager has his beloved bicycle stolen by the older boys in the park, he creates a more threatening persona in an attempt to win his bike back and dominate those around him.


Dir. Alex Baro-Cayetano
Runtime: 3 mins

A little girl meets someone called Keith during difficult times. She doesn't know why he's there for...yet.


Dir. Rebecca Orton
Runtime: 4 mins 

It's dinner time. 

Banana Bread

Dir. Hannah MacMillan 
Runtime: 7 mins 

Missy has always been comfortable seeking nothing less than perfection from herself. But after trying to please a grumpy neighbor, she soon discovers that perfection may not always lead to happiness.

The Gospel According to Gail 

Dir. Florence Winter-Hill 
Runtime: 8 mins

At 17, all Mia wants is to live life in the fast lane, but learning to drive with Gail is so much more than a driving lesson. It's a life lesson.

Left Unsaid 

Dir. Mei Lian Hoe
Runtime: 3 mins 

Left Unsaid is an experimental animated film about cultural dysphoria and the disconnect between grandfather and grandchild caused by an ever-growing language barrier.

Password to the *****

Dir. Adél Szegedi
Runtime: 2 mins 

The basis of returning to global nature is to get to know the nature within us - our own nature - and to look at the process of individual (personality) development as a component of a global phenomenon.

I Worry 

Dir. Freja Refning Hansen, Holly Summerson
Runtime: 5 mins

I Worry is a spoken word poem about the climate youth strikers. It explores their worries for the future, what climate breakdown means for people around the world and why we should care.

Stay Maybe? | We Think We Made a Film

Dir. Soham Kundu 
Runtime: 11 mins

A film crew trying to shoot a film without prep on zero budget because they just want to make a film. A film about filmmaking. Docu-Fiction, blurring the lines between fiction and reality


Dir. Luc Foster
Runtime: 5 mins 

Portrait follows the confusion in the immediate aftermath of an attack through the lens of three mobile phones.


Dir. Alicia Frøy Johnsen
Runtime: 2 mins

Sensory is an animated short about sensory memories. It is about how your body remembers what your mind can't, what your mind doesn't want to, and in ways your mind can't.


Dir. Jack Walton, Joe Helliwell
Runtime: 4 mins 

Companion is a short stop-motion film that expresses the friendship between a dog and a human. The story follows a dog's life and the interactions he has with his owner and other animals along the way.