Films will be available on the Leeds Film Player from March 26 - April 30  

The Northern Lites celebrates emerging young filmmakers from the North of England. The films were made by filmmakers that range anywhere between 15-25, and the films will be available to view on the Leeds Film Player from March 26 - April 30, so don't miss out! 

The films in the Northern Lites category discuss themes such as sexual assault, disability, violence, disability, and mild threat.  

True 808 | UK Drill 

Dir. Mossie Cassidy 
Runtime: 10 mins 

Welcomed into an array of popular underground music genres, UK Drill has become the uncensored voice of individuals living in the UK’s most violent and impoverished areas. However, Drill’s ultra-violent and nihilistic lyrical content has left it standing in the crosshairs of London Metropolitan Police, accused of providing a violent soundtrack to the UK’s ‘knife crime epidemic’.

Dear Dominicana 

Dir. Jackson Castillo Evans
Runtime: 3 mins 

‘Dear Dominicana’ is a love letter, in the literal sense. I am reaching out to my roots through nostalgia and a yearning to be back.

Unheard Stories: My Documentaries on the Lives of Kenya's Deaf 

Dir. Raabia Hussain
Runtime: 8 mins 

The story of Kenya's deaf and disabled.

I Left My Body 

Dir. Ellie Egerton White 
Runtime: 4 min

"I Left My Body" tells the story of a young woman living with trauma relating to sexual assault. It touches on themes of struggle, recovery and personal growth as well as thinking about art as a medium of healing.

The Fault

Dir. Abigail Porter Feavers 
Runtime: 2 mins 

A short experimental drama to techno. 'The Fault' encapsulates an incident between friends, the intentionality of violence is questioned by both.


Dir. Thomas Wright
Runtime: 12 mins 

A therapist spirals into insanity after one of her patients details how they would kill her boyfriend.

Kill: Norwood 

Dir. Lexy Anderson 
Runtime: 13 mins 

Overprotective parents, Jonathan and Nancy, attempt to pry their game-obsessed daughter, Maxine, away from the screen and back to reality by hiring an online assassin.


Dir. Amy Beedle
Runtime: 9 mins

A shy girl desperately tries to make friends and naively joins a dangerous online challenge. Can she outwit the game or will she have to see it through till the bitter end?