Following a traumatic accident, Molly moves from a prolonged stay at a psychiatric hospital into a new apartment, to start her new life alone. Soon she begins to hear persistent knocks through the walls and ceiling which keep her awake. As the noises intensify and are accompanied by screams, Molly is convinced someone is in trouble and takes it upon herself to help, even though the neighbours deny the noises and refuse to believe her. Actress Cecilia Milocco gives a phenomenal performance as a woman teetering on the brink of sanity in this poignant feminist psychological horror. Screening with short film Cicada (17min).

This film contains scenes of bereavement and emotional abuse.

The first screening of Knocking is part of Day of the Dead is on 6 November at Vue in The Light and you can buy a DOTD pass for the whole day: individual tickets are available for repeats of the DOTD films after 6 November and you can also view them for a limited time on Leeds Film Player.

Day of the Dead

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