“Engaged, curious filmmaking which finds humour as well as anger; which balances rhetoric with moments of joyous, unifying energy” - Wendy Ide, Screen Daily 

“Feisty and aesthetic, this Riposte is a beautiful gesture of cinema” - Guillemette Odicino, Télérama 

“An important documentary that provides an understanding of a movement driven by an unswerving determination” – Benoit Pavan, Cannes Film Festival

'Sexism is everywhere — so are we.'

By day, groups of young women across France meet to share stories and create posters. By night, they head to the streets, plastering the walls with slogans and reclaiming the cities as safe spaces for them to exist in. Marie Perennès and Simon Depardon's striking documentary follows 10 groups of these women and people of marginalised genders around the country as they protest harassment, rape, femicide and the authorities’ response to these issues. A rousing, intersectional documentary that highlights that not everyone's fight is the same, even if the end goal is shared.