The Elephant Man would be a stand out in most filmographies, but in David Lynch’s weird and wonderful oeuvre, it’s sometimes unfairly overlooked. A brand new, Lynch-supervised 4K restoration is set to rectify that. See it on the big screen to fully immerse yourself in the Freddie Francis’s haunting black and white cinematography and the brilliantly inventive sound design.

The film is set in a creepily effective evocation of Victorian London with John Hurt giving a career best performance as John Merrick, the ‘Elephant Man’, a severely disfigured man who has been viciously persecuted as a ‘freak’ throughout his life. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins), a surgeon at the London Hospital, finds Joseph Merrick in a freak show in the East End. Despite being treated as if he is intellectually disabled, Treves discovers that Merrick is actually an intelligent and cultured man and gradually becomes his patron and friend, coaxing him to enter polite society where he eventually becomes a minor celebrity. But has he merely upgraded to a more refined form of exploitation?

‘The Elephant Man is one of the most moving screen dramas of the 20th Century.’ – Mark Kermode

‘David Lynch’s award-winning vision of alienation has never looked better... For a brief, glorious moment, Hollywood was Lynch’s oyster, and instead of cozying up closer to the industry types, he spent that cachet making multiplexes a stranger, more foreign place to be.’ – Little White Lies, review by Charles Bramesco

'A magical celebration of the fantastical that evokes the memories of the early trick films of George Méliés' - Empire, review by Kim Newman

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