The Truth is the acclaimed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda’s first film set outside Japan and the first since his sensational, Palme d’Or winning Shoplifters. It features a powerhouse performance from Catherine Deneuve in her best role in years as ageing film diva Fabienne, sparring with her daughter Lumir, also beautifully played by another French screen icon, Juliette Binoche.

The title The Truth is the somewhat ironic name of Fabienne’s memoirs, a publishing sensation but a bone of contention for her daughter, a screenwriter based in New York who returns to her mother’s country house where she grew up. She is taken aback to find a series of fabrications portraying Fabienne as a much more attentive and loving mother than she actually was. Fabienne is unrepentant, claiming it’s better to be a good actress than a good mother and that the ‘truth’ is not what her readers will really want, the memoirs are all part of the performance of her professional life. Koreeda weaves an intricate drama around this confrontation, probing ideas of familial loyalty and emotional integrity with the deftness of a great craftsman at the height of his powers.

'From first shot to last, it's a film of high wit and confidence and verve, an astonishingly fluid and accomplished act of boundary-leaping.' - Review by Owen Gleiberman, Variety

'As The Truth develops, the familiar themes of Koreeda’s cinema start taking shape: the fine line between fact and fiction when it comes to how we live and see our lives; the weight of the past; ageing; the family.' - Review by Elisabet Cabeza, Sight & Sound

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