'Rites of passage, teenage girls in small towns, strict and uncomprehending parents: We know the drill, yet few films riffing on the subject get the mood and ambiguities as right as Looking for Venera.' - Jay Weissburg, Variety

'A striking achievement especially in terms of visuals, atmosphere and performances.' - Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

This richly observed feature debut by Norika Sefa follows the quiet teenager Venera, growing up in a small village in Kosovo. Living in a crowded, multi-generational household, Venera can rarely find space or privacy. When Venera befriends the spirited Dorina, a new and liberating world opens up to her and she begins to push against the expectations of her conservative patriarchal family. Formally innovative and beautifully shot, the film makes skillful use of closely cropped framing to convey the suffocating environment of Venera’s home life, in this fresh take on the coming-of-age genre.

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