Celebrating the work of the man, the myth, the legend himself: Louis Theroux, possibly the only saviour of lockdown.

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The members of the Westboro Baptist Church are infamous for their homophobia, hatred and questionable hair. Known as The Most Hated Family in America, the Kansas-based Phelps family are joined by iconic documentarian Louis Theroux as they picket funerals with signs such as "thank God for Dead Soldiers" (yes, really).

We'll be live-screening "The Most Hated Family in America" documentary via the brand new BBC Together service! You don't need to download a thing, just have a pretty stable internet connection and you're good to go.

Afterwards, we'll be hosting a virtual picket, where you can create your own signs that combat the hateful messages from the documentary. We encourage you to dust off the brightest markers you can find and send pics of your kind creations to @INDIsFestival.

Some T&Cs

Due to the nature of the documentary, we want to give you a little heads-up that there are some pretty awful homophobic slurs throughout the film, both written and spoken. Also, if you haven't guessed, the Westboro Baptist Church hate a fair few other people, including other minorities - so if you are planning on watching, it's something we think you should be aware of.

BBC Together states you must be 13+ to use the service.