Screening as part of Night of the Dead. Tickets for Night of the Dead are £24/£20.

Following a failed crowd-funding attempt to launch their horror-themed board game, three friends are excited to be invited to meet with V.V.Stubbs, a famous games designer who has promised to invest in their idea. When Stubbs dies in a freak accident they realise how much it looks like murder. With a dead body on their hands, they turn to the game they created to get rid of the body but can they really ‘Murder Bury Win’? Michael Lovan’s debut feature is bloody good fun and a perfect addition to Night of the Dead. Screening with Good Girl (Dean Hewison, New Zealand, 2021, 4 mins). A professional dog walker, immersed in a self-help podcast, finds herself in very dangerous territory.

This film contains scenes of strong bloody violence.

Also online on Leeds Film Player