‘An absorbing, beautifully crafted, thought-provoking addition to the new Hungarian cinematic wave…’ - Lee Marshall, Screen Daily

Dénes Nagy won Best Director at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival for his powerful debut which features a breathtaking visual and audio style. Deep into the Second World War and in the heart of Hungary, whose government has chosen to align itself with the Axis Powers, a small unit of soldiers hunt down any partisan opposition. Amongst them is Corporal István Semetka (Ferenc Szabó). Fatigued, having had no leave for eight months, he barely holds on to the last vestiges of humanity that the brutality and horror of conflict has ground down. The soldiers are loathed by the villagers they encounter and in some cases for good reason. However, Semetka is ruthless but he is not cruel. Following the death of his commander, he takes charge, but as opposition to the pro-Nazi forces grows, sterner measures are required and Semetka realises he has no stomach for the orders that arrive.

Natural Light film poster