In Part Two, another three friends regret taking a fishing trip in the Kazakhstan OTT horror Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It! while The Sadness from Taiwan is an extremely twisted take on a post-pandemic zombie apocalypse.


Sweetie, You Won't Believe It!

Days before his wife is due to give birth, Dastan decides to shirk his responsibilities and go on a fishing trip with his two best, if not very bright, friends. Things are going well until the hapless trio witness a gangland execution and are pursued by thugs who want to silence them. As things spiral out of control this masterpiece of horror comedy delivers a series of ever more ridiculous and gory scenes while still managing to deal with the themes of masculinity, fatherhood and friendship. Screening with Lovemaking of Trolls (Felix Charin, Germany, 2020, 9 mins).


The Sadness

In the aftermath of a pandemic, most people have become complacent and the warning from a scientist that it could easily mutate goes ignored. That is until infected people suddenly turn into rabid monsters, acting on their darkest impulses. Amid shocking scenes of depravity and slaughter, two young lovers struggle to reunite amidst the madness that is engulfing the city. Rob Jabbaz’s unrelenting debut is a scathing indictment of societal breakdown with scenes of sexual violence, necrophilia and worse. Be warned: The Sadness may be the most extreme film we’ve screened in Night of the Dead! Screening with Visitors (Kenichi Ugana, Japan, 2021, 16 mins).