Teenager Sophie, a blind ex-skier, makes a living house-sitting rich mansions while their owners are away. During one particular job, the secluded house is invaded by a group of thieves. Sophie’s only defense is an app called See For Me that connects her with volunteers to see on her behalf. On this fateful night she is connected to Kelly, an army veteran, who might just be able to help Sophie survive the night and fight back against the intruders. Visually impaired, non-binary actor Skyler Davenport gives a stunning performance in this fast-paced claustrophobic thriller.

This film contains scenes of strong violence.

The first screening of See for Me is part of Day of the Dead is on 6 November at Vue in The Light and you can buy a DOTD pass for the whole day: individual tickets are available for repeats of the DOTD films after 6 November and you can also view them for a limited time on Leeds Film Player.

Day of the Dead

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