'Darkly surreal, perched on the edge of comedy and drama, of social realism and the occult... a rare, singular gem that skirts all attempts at pigeonholing and hangs in a volatile space. At once supernatural and earth-bound. Playful and lacerating. Full of wonders.' - Leonardo Goi, The Film Stage

An eerie pitch black comedy from debut feature filmmaker Chema García Ibarra, whose previous short film Misterio screened at LIFF 2013. While an ongoing investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a little girl is shaking the local community, José Manuel continues his routine. He works in his modest bar, takes care of his mother and attends meetings of the ufology association, where he exchanges information about extraterrestrial activity. When their leader dies unexpectedly, José Manuel is the only person who knows the cosmic secret that could alter the future of humanity.

This film contains references of sexual violence.

Also online on Leeds Film Player

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