Virtual Reality is taking the creative world by storm, opening up endless possibilities and producing worlds and experiences classical filmmakers could only dream of. Take a step into the virtual with a variety of drop-in experiences and be enlightened about VR filmmaking with our Q&A panel of expert creators, informing, inspiring and educating about how you yourself can start to include virtual reality in your filmmaking skillset.

Here's a selection of the VR Experiences that will be available to try - more will be added as they are confirmed:

This creative nonfiction experience uses multi-narrative and volumetric capture to journey through the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love, Erik. Fragments of memories of their life together appear inside a void and, over time, become entangled with a haunting vision, culminating in the shocking moment of Erik's death.

Hopi of the Sea is a fictional VR animated short exploring friendship, peace and survival. After a harsh winter of floods destroyed the crops of the sea tribe, they seek survival from their blessed sea which presents them with a legendary creature which they start harvesting to near-extinction. Follow Hopi on his adventure to find peace between two tribes on the edge of survival.

We will also have a selection of Google Cardboards available for you to try with your own Smartphones along with a curated selection of YouTube VR Experiences.

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