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05/11/22 05/11/22
Queer Short Film Competition - Programme 1

The LIFF Queer Shorts programmes are curated by Leeds Queer Film Festival, an annual DIY celebration of the best LGBT+ films from around the world.…

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06/11/22 06/11/22
Robocop + Technology & Augmented Bodies Talk

Classic action thriller set in a near-future world where the Detroit’s streets are patrolled by cyborg police. When officer Murphy is killed on duty,…

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11/11/22 11/11/22
Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes

As glimpsed in both The Harder They Come and Rockers, Kingston’s Studio 17 was the beating heart of mento, ska, reggae and dub for decades. Both…

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03/11/20 19/11/20
World Animation Competition: Programme 1

We pick the most outstanding animated short films from a diverse selection, for our ever popular World Animation Award. In this programme, climate…

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16/06/23 16/06/23
The World of Suzie Wong

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Richard Mason, The World of Suzie Wong was a cultural hit in the U.K. With a plot in the style of classic…

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