Promare screens as part of a big day of animation at Leeds Town Hall on 17 November. Starting at noon with Chinese animation White Snake, the day continues with anime all the way to the end: Children of the Sea at 2.30pm, Ride Your Wave at 5pm and new addition Promare at 7.30pm.

Post-apocalyptic setting? Mecha suits? Wildly loud, eye-popping neon-graphical mayhem? You’ve got it all in this explosive debut feature from Studio Trigger! Promepolis is taken over by a strange entity causing people to spontaneously combust, leaving some, called the Burnish, with the power of pyrokinesis, that causes an extinction-level event: the great world blaze. Thirty years later, Galo Thymos, a member of a rescue team that quells the flames of the now oppressed Burnish, is caught in the middle of a new and devastating civic inferno.