A new addition to the Fanathon events, Sci-fi Day is a collection of alternative reality films, all with the theme of being trapped.

The marathon will take place at Hyde Park Picture House on Saturday 16 November.

In Vivarium Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg play a couple looking for the perfect home but find themselves unable to escape from a neverending neighbourhood of identical houses.
The Incredible Shrinking WKND takes the time-loop premise and adds an extra terrifying twist and In Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway a CIA agent is trapped in a virtual world by a Russian computer virus.
A programme of sci-fi shorts completes the day.

The line-up of Sci-fi Day is as follows (individual tickets available):

14:15  Vivarium
16:30  Sci-fi Shorts
18:45  The Incredibile Shrinking WKND
21:00  Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Tickets for Sci-fi Day are £30/£25 or £12 for LIFF Explorer Pass holders. Included in LIFF Explorer Gold Pass.