In the summer of 2018, the world was transfixed by the plight of a boys’ football team trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for 18 days. Against all odds, the boys were rescued in a daring and difficult mission thanks to an international coalition of divers and experts. Thai born director Tom Waller, who trained at the Northern Film School, used several of the real-life divers in this nail-biting dramatisation of the astonishing rescue mission. Waller’s journalistic style and the claustrophobic diving scenes create an incredibly authentic tribute to the heroism of all those involved.

LIFF 2019 is delighted to welcome Director Tom Waller in person for a Q&A after the screening. 

Please note, as there are two films in the LIFF 2019 programme with the title of The Cave, we have added the country of origin in brackets after each to avoid confusion. The other title is documentary The Cave (Syria).