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09/11/22 13/11/22
The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

In this original romantic comedy turned thriller, Jaakko (Petri Poikolainen), who has MS, uses a wheelchair and has sight loss, spends his days…

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13/11/21 16/11/21
Compartment no. 6

In the early 1990s, young Finnish archeology student Laura boards a train from Moscow to Murmansk in Russia’s far north; her goal is to look at some…

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Daydream Nation: International Competition 2

The revolution of everyday life in six acts. Daydream Nation maps the unfamiliar on to the familiar and traverses a wild and wonderful world of ghost…

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08/11/18 13/11/18

Veijo is a mechanic in a small Finnish town, who has a sideline in euthanizing unwanted pets.

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13/04/22 13/04/22
The Exploits of Moominpappa – Adventures of a Young Moomin

A warm-hearted, sincere, family animation with a great story that unfolds in a fantasy world - the Moominvalley. Moominpappa recapitulates his boyhood…

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22/04/23 22/04/23
IN SHORT, Europe: Surround

Surround is a collection of six shorts including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental film from Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Poland, The…

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