LIFF Presents brings you an evening dedicated to the pleasure of recorded sound at Belgrave Music Hall. Documentary The Vinyl Revival explores the resurgence of popularity in vinyl LPs and record shop culture, welcoming Last Shop Standing author Graham Jones for a Q&A. Also screening is cult sci-fi animation Fantastic Planet, chosen for its brilliant original score. 

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The Vinyl Revival + Q&A (6.30pm)
2019 | UK | Dir: Pip Piper | 43mins + Q&A | 15
At the turn of the millennium, the rise of digital music made it seem like vinyl’s days were numbered. The makers of 2012’s Last Shop Standing, which documented what seemed like the final days of record shop culture, return to explore vinyl’s remarkable resurgence in The Vinyl Revival. The film introduces us to some of the most passionate lovers of LP records, looking at our close attachment to physical format releases. Guests include Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and Halifax indie group The Orielles. Last Shop Standing author Graham Jones will attend for a Q&A.
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Fantastic Planet (8.30pm)
1973 | France, Czechosolovakia | Dir: René Laloux | 1hr 12mins | PG
René Laloux’s mesmerising psychedelic sci-fi animation is a cult classic and prefigures the work of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Fantastic Planet tells the story of ‘Oms’, human-like creatures, kept as domesticated pets by an alien race of blue giants called ‘Draags’ on the planet Ygam, where we follow our Om narrator from infancy to adulthood. Alain Goraguer’s brilliant score has been much sampled by the hip-hop community was recently re-released as a soundtrack LP, available in a stall run by Jumbo Records on the night alongside other great film music on vinyl.
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Monday 30 September at Belgrave Music Hall
Tickets £5