11/11/17 11/11/17
The Mansion

A New Year’s Eve party in a remote stately home begins to go wrong for a group of young friends as they start being picked off by a mysterious…

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06/11/17 09/11/17
The Mattei Affair

One of Italian director Francesco Rosi’s finest works, The Mattei Affair was key to the development of Rosi’s style of ‘investigative thriller'.

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11/11/17 12/11/17
The Mimic

Traumatised by the disappearance of her young son, Hee-yeon moves to a new house in the countryside with her husband, daughter and elderly sick…

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12/11/17 12/11/17
The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio

Takashi Miike’s most delirious film in years, The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio returns to the pop madness of Undercover Agent Reiji and turns it up…

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10/11/17 10/11/17
Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Mon Mon Mon Monsters is a savagely funny blood-drenched morality tale that paints a disturbing picture of contemporary youth culture.

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13/11/17 16/11/17

Mother is a very fine example of the leftfield greatness of Korean cinema, and with a performance for the ages from veteran actress Hye-ja Kim.

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