05/11/17 05/11/17
Death is Not the End: International Competition 3

Cities on fire, storm clouds gather round, heavy rains descend – is death the end? This programme offers an alternative to closure; grief is tackled…

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13/11/17 13/11/17
The Deputy (35mm)

The Deputy is a film deeply rooted in the period of Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy.

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06/11/17 06/11/17
Diamonds of the Night & Loaf of Bread

A key early work of the Czech New Wave, Jan Němec’s extraordinary debut feature remains an electrifying and deeply original work of cinema.

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14/11/17 14/11/17
A Distant Echo

A Distant Echo plays with movement and light in deserts across Southern California, exploring myth, identity, culture  and the construction of…

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11/11/17 11/11/17

Beineix’s debut was an international arthouse sensation, playing for over a year in some cinemas.

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06/11/17 08/11/17

Irrepressible Djam is a young Greek woman whom we first meet belting out a ‘rebetiko’, a form of defiant, working-class Greek song. Djam has a lyric…

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